The Best IELTS Task 1, 2 ✍️ Writing Templates 2022

If you have started preparing for IELTS, you know that in Essay Activity 2 you are asked to write an academic essay that discusses arguments, opinions or points of view. But where do you start? If you follow the simple IELTS Task 2 Writing template below, you can easily structure your essay and write the required 250 words concisely. When youre done here, head over to our Complete IELTS 2 Writing Assignment Guide to learn more about how to improve your score. IELTS Basic Objective 2: Writing a Template Structure I would recommend that your essay be structured like this: Sentence 2 - Express your opinion or point of view on the question asked. For example - While I agree that it is important to invest in local amenities, I dont think spending on fine art is a waste of money. Suggestion 3. Give an overview of the essay, including a summary phrase, for example: This essay will discuss this issue with examples that support arguments and demonstrate points. Auxiliary paragraphs The two supporting paragraphs should include your ideas and supporting examples to answer the assignment question. Try to write only two auxiliary paragraphs of about 85 words each. Each paragraph should contain the following four sentences and stick to one idea for each paragraph: Sentence 2 - Explain why you are in this position. For instance. Providing basic amenities such as hospitals, roads and schools helps determine the quality of life for most citizens. Sentence 3. Give an academic example to support your idea. For instance. For example, a recent study by Education Today shows that countries that spend more on schools have 65% more literate populations than those that do not spend on education. Sentence 4. Briefly describe the paragraph showing how your example connects your idea / argument to the main idea. For instance. Thus, it is clear that spending on public services is a profitable investment for the government. Template for writing an assignment 2 IELTS Will you get a higher IELTS score? Get started online IELTS preparation today . The following is more detailed information on the sentences that should be contained in each of these paragraphs, as well as examples based on this sample Objective 2 question: Government investment in fine art, which is commonly seen in art galleries, is a waste of money. Instead, governments should invest this money in public services. How much do you agree with this statement? Introduction Try to write three sentences for a total of about 60 words. Sentence 1. Rephrase the task question or write a general statement related to the topic using synonyms for the keywords used in the question. For instance. Many local governments these days spend a significant portion of their budget not only on public services, but also on the visual arts. Paragraph 1: Sentence 1. Indicate your 1st position. For instance. On the one hand, spending a significant part of the state budget on public services is beneficial to society.
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