General IELTS Writing Task 1 ✍️ Letter Samples Band 7 8 9 Answers

Successful passing of any exam requires positive, preparation and practice! General Writing Assignment 1 IELTS measures your ability to communicate in general practical matters. You have 20 minutes to answer the question by writing a letter to the person, company or institution. Your answer is graded approximately 30% of your written grade and is graded separately from the Assignment 2 essay. The information below includes exam tips, strategies, expressions, sample questions, sample letters, and links. This can help you get the highest possible score for the IELTS writing section. Use it regularly to keep track of your progress. All the best!
Check out the series of the IELTS Writing Task 1 Topics With Answers (Sample Answers), written by the professionals of IELTS. These solutions will help you to explore ideas in IELTS writing task 1. A wide range of grammatical structure and lexical resources guaranteed you to achieve 7.5 + Score in writing. The Model answer tells you how to organize ideas in paragraphs. Learn about the IELTS marking criteria, paragraphing, vocabulary and much more. These pages has various tips for General writing task 1.
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