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Ideas for IELTS Generating ideas for the IELTS 2 writing assignment is often challenging for test preparation candidates. There is a fear that a question will arise that you cannot answer, because you do not know anything about it. There are also concerns that the questions are geared towards Western-oriented topics. Below you will get some idea of ​​what exactly the examiner is looking for when grading your essay so you know what you really need to keep in mind when thinking about ideas for writing IELTS. You will also receive some tips on what you can do to help you come up with ideas on topics for writing IELTS. What ideas for IELTS does the examiner want to see? Many candidates tend to think that the examiner is looking for the best ideas that will answer the question, and that they will score higher for this. In fact, this is not the case. There is nothing in the grading system the examiner uses to rate how smart your ideas are or drop points if he / she thinks they are too boring or uninteresting. The relevance of ideas is important. This means that they have to answer the question asked to you. Of course, they also need to be properly explained through further support. Once you come up with some ideas, you should use what you think are the best, but the important point in this is that you should not spend so much time in the beginning trying to come up with what you think opinion would be the best idea to impress the examiner to the point that you have too little time to write a good essay. You only have 40 minutes to plan and write your essay, he doesnt have time for that. It makes no sense if you do not finish the essay later or do not speak grammar well, because you
Check out the series of the IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics With Answers (Sample Answers), written by the professionals of IELTS. These solutions will help you to explore ideas in IELTS writing task 2. A wide range of grammatical structure and lexical resources guaranteed you to achieve 7.5 + Score in writing. The Model answer tells you how to organize ideas in paragraphs. Learn about the IELTS marking criteria, paragraphing, vocabulary and much more. These pages has various tips for Academic and General writing task 2.
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