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Our IELTS Reading and Listening tests are based on actual IELTS tests and follow the Cambridge IELTS book format. Created by our community of IELTS teachers, previous IELTS examiners, and IELTS exam takers.
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We have added recent IELTS speaking test questions, which are from the Internet, and our visitors who have just taken the test. Also, we have started Speaking Club on Zoom to improve your speaking level.
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Get a clear and detailed report about your IELTS writing. All issues in your text will be identified and highlighted with suggestions on how to correct them. Our correction services are proven to help students improve their writings by 0.5 - 2.
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We know that these testimonials are not quite well-written, but they are real and made by real people. (See IELTS certificates and emails proofs)
Good IELTS tutor cost $30-50 per hour on average. It's less than cost of your service for 1 month. Thanks for the great service. It's worth much more than I paid ;) There is my certificate:
Dung NguyenDung Nguyen
I tried different checkers for my writings, and your service is the best! Also, your templates were highly beneficial. You helped me a lot to get Band 7 for the writing part. My certificate is attached to this email.
Advik KhatriAdvik Khatri
With IELTS69, I had an opportunity to understand the style of the exam and had a chance to practice it. With this site, it is not impossible to get the score you want. Thanks a lot!
Senygit EceSenygit Ece
I have obtained the required band for me. Writing - 7, Speaking - 7, Listening - 8, Reading - 9. And your materials were of immense value. Thanks a lot for your assistance.
Ph.D. Kasun NandapalaPh.D. Kasun Nandapala
Yes I have got my certificate and yes your service has helped me a lot. I got total 7.5 band in academic IELTS!
Amrin AkterAmrin Akter
Thank you for your email. Your website helped me a lot. Please find the attached TRF report. Once again thankyou for helping to achieve this.
Vishnu VenugopalVishnu Venugopal
Here is my ielts certificate. Thank you very much for your help with the website. It’s been really helpful!! I’m really happy about my scores, is what I needed to get into the course I’ve applied!
Lucia Jimenez De PargaLucia Jimenez De Parga
I have passed my IELTS exam on the desired mark(Band 7) and I am so happy about that. Thank you so much for your work and work of your team! Your site was helpful :) Topic on speaking club were interesting and there was an opportunity to talk with different people and go out of my comfort zone which is cool as well
Olenka PlysyuukOlenka Plysyuuk
I took the IELTS exam twice and got 6.5 in writing both times. Your site was quite helpful to me, as a result I can achieve my desired score. Thanks a lot. You are so honest about your business. Best of luck and I pray for your success.
M.D. Abu Sayeed SheikhM.D. Abu Sayeed Sheikh
While preparing for IELTS, the most troublesome part is practicing the writing segment. I would like to appreciate the efforts of Nikita in making this platform as an online writing assistant. If you are starting your writing practice and need a platform for primary assessment of your writing skills, strong and weak points before taking the help of a professional writing tutor, then this platform can be worth your time.
Uttam Kumar TamboliUttam Kumar Tamboli
I passed my exam with an overall band score of 7. Your site was very helpful especially with writing, the premium writing service helped me polish up the few areas I had challenges as far as writing is concerned. I'm grateful. I'd definitely recommend the site for anyone taking the test soon. I have attached my certificate.
Grace MboraGrace Mbora
The most valuable resources for me were the IELTS Writing Premium checker, which is what I originally subscribed for, and the "recent speaking tasks" section arranged in a quite convenient way, topics from where I used for practice. While the writing evaluation may not be precisely correct in all cases, it is still helpful for determining certain systematic mistakes, such as repeated words and sentence structures, and suggesting their potential improvement. Thank you for the website!
Ramina BebezovaRamina Bebezova
Thank you so much for checking with me. Yes, I have cleared my exam with the desired band. The site helped me a lot to get a good band in writing . Was my site helpful? - Yes it was so helpful to understand what i have to improve. Are you satisfied with my service? - Yes a lot. What can I do to improve it? - Might be the time for evaluation if possible can be made bit faster so that its very useful if someone is near the exam date to retake the exam nothing much. Sure if you l see my writing has been improved and has higher mark compared to other sections. Attached my certificate.
Deepika HariDeepika Hari
I am sharing my story as a testimony! I wrote the exam and got scores as, Listening - 8.5 and reading - 8, speaking 7, and writing - 6.5. But I was supposed to get 7 in all the sections. So I was a bit frustrated that I did not get the desired score and started preparing myself to reappear for the IELTS 2nd time. That is when I started browsing through your IELTS69 website and took a premium membership subscription. I used to write about 30 - 35 essays in a month, and I would get evaluated by your premium site; it always gave me a band score of 7 on your site. The sample essays of Band 7 displayed on your site were similar to my writing style. So I gathered all the courage that my writing was not so bad at all; with the help of your premium evaluation, I used repeated words, alternative suggestions, and linking words. In the writing section, I gave for reevaluation of my scores to the IELTS conducting center. After three weeks, I found my score increased from 6.5 - 7 in the UK after re-correction, and finally, I got a band 7 in my writing. In a nutshell, your premium correction service helped me to think and analyze my writing, and it prevented my 2nd-time appearance for the exam. At last, I cracked the score on the first attempt after going through many obstacles. A big thank you.
Jayasree ChandramouliJayasree Chandramouli
I'm glad I found out this website this year and benefited from it. No matter which part you want to specialize, you always can find useful tips as well as some necessary practices and examples on it, which is my favorite part about this web and app. I still remember how fast I could learn about IELTS from nothing to everything with its help. Especially for writing part, I really marveled that its system can not only point out many grammar errors but also provide a few suggestions for more precise words exclusively for your articles. Therefore, I genuinely recommend this web and its app to everyone seeking out an excellent web for IELTS.