Our latest service simulates the speaking part of the IELTS exam and provides instant feedback on your answers.
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Free Online English Speaking Club on Zoom Speaking

Speaking Club

How are we going to speak English on Zoom?
It's very simple. The expert will create a document with new high-band words, topics, questions, games, funny memes, quiz. So it would be easy for you to learn new words and use them during an interesting discussion, please see an example.

What languages are allowed by the host?
Since it's English speakers circle, we allow only English to be used.

Is it only audio chat or video chat or both?
It is a video chat. We don't allow participants without video.

Rules to follow:
• No religious talks
• No political talks
• Be friendly
• Respect all members.
• Please don't interrupt the conversation unless you've been given permission to talk. We'll give a chance for everyone to listen and talk to each other.
• This is not for dating
• Since it's a multinational group, only the English language is allowed

I don't want to join the club. Can you help me to find language exchange partners?
Yes, you can find partners using the comments section below.